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Admiring Life Through Writing

Admiring Life Through Writing

Life teaches us on thankful meaning in the morning
On the hot days hard-working
On smiling in the evening, also this comfort feeling
Bright eyed and bushy tailed, keep reading

When we get asleep tightly in the night
Tiredness leads us to sleep tight
We realize our lack of leisure time
That we have to enjoy struggling life

Due to every single trial will be granted
With the sequence abundant blesses, happiness
All best to you dear companion
Having lead me with with your passion,
Those have been to be mine, that almost hopeless
Now they are accordingly guaranteed

It supposed to be such bright light
Shining for the whole foggy day till night
Make it brighter as a happier willing
Do that good fresh thought as they’re inside crowding

Here we come to express on what we wanna write
Whatever we regard it indeed, sacrifice.
Hoping that would change into rhapsody
Why do we just take an effort slightly

Not necessary to worry ‘bout how will be
Cause  thought and brain are still living
Let God decides its value what like to be
Much reading, much writing are so fascinating

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  1. Good poem.
    It is my way when I read poem, I will read it sentence by sentence different than when I read an essay, I usually read the poin of.

  2. It’s good enough, n it’ll better if u put the punctuations on ur work. By putting them correctly it’ll be easier for the readers to comprehend ur work, tq.

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