Humble like the lovelly white roses

Hello, I’am the lovelly white rose.
Do you know why every beautifull girls
Loves flowers in a whole world?
Because they know how much you
Will be with them in a big big love.

Could you see
How you can reach them all
In one hand
In one love at all

Go to the heart
You’ll find the smile
So real sweety
So nice deeply

But do not you touch them
You will killed
Alltaught you not a killer
But you can’t stop the heart moving on

Stay in the feeling
Can make the way go far away
Just stay in a perfect hearing
to make the white roses give the love

Don’t to much have a guilty
Don’t to much have a courrege
Just say the true story in life
Than you’ll catch the beauty white roses

It’s just a little of my dream
See the flowers blooms
In a field my lovelly room
See my sadness will be gone

She look likes so humble in eyes
It that’s true you can see?
She so high class in fashionable
But, just don’t be in the wrong way again

You can feel how you can be beautifull
Like the white roses in the vase
This ia a true lives
Give the best you can give to the love

Keep one nicely white roses
Run to the growth beginning
Feel the same humble and
You can be a beautifull white roses too

Thanks for the love
For the white roses like a heart
Thanks to the GOD
Who given me a truelly love on my hand

Always with YOU in Love,

Picture : personal document