“When you love to bullying someone”

By : Allys Setia Mulyati

When I began try to writing this themes I’m so realize that you or whoever you will be interesting. Why I’m so sure, that if you find someone else on your brain so make you confuse, so make a cruel and hurt our feeling, be enthusiastic because only with patience our hearts will all be fine.

Just be positif thingking of them, and our live will be greather, stronger than before. This idea is just for fun or maybe you can have much problem with bullying in your dailly as long as you find this situation.

Actually I have one day where someone look like so hate me, but I don’t have some attitude to make this people so bad. After they have a good felling or happy to bullying me, maybe they happy all day long.

But, it’s wrong! Who am I ? and I get one study to learn people who doing this love bullying, they have a big hurt feeling in they true life.

I love them, because they make me smile, make me proud and pray to GOD, and because they give me one poisson to make me down but they failed for do that thing to me, yeaaa..

Don’t be afraid if we find this people, be good to be honest, be good to be a friends, that the key when we just fine them do this silly thing to us, it’s same mean of bullying.

Just say,,
1. They are a people like we do, not a GOD.
2. Everything people who say bullying to us, just trust that mean they talk about them self.
3. Give them a big smile to know that we allways be fine, not sad like they want to happen to us about something that talking about.
4. Be happy always

So don’t to worry about our life, don’t worry to be a happy allways 😇. Just give them a big big smiles, be trusty.

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